The Beasts Agent

For the Love of Grunden

Heard screams from deeper within the cavern so chose to investigate after our short rest. See two figures chained the cavern walls. Takari suggests searching for any dangers and she finds some barrels and calls out to Clink. Clink opens the barrels and chest to find provisions, armor, weapons, etc. The female dwarf shouts that we do not touch her belongings. After a brief discussion with the chained individuals about the reason why they are chained to the wall find out that they have also been looking for Gruden because they had been performing odd jobs for him and they had been captured by goblins. After finding out about the dwarf’s love of the drink and being offered a drink Clink uses his ax to break her Maev’s chains while Ellander frees Gomasil, or Gom for short. Not sure what their current alliance is with each other, but help them retrieve their possessions from the nearby barrels and chest. Decide that Maev and Gom can join the group as long as we have a similar goal. Ethlando ends up seeing a tail and investigates further only noticing that it is definitely not a female based on the hanging equipment on the figure moving deeper into the cavern. The group decides to follow and find goblins who are holding Sildar. One goblin has a knife to his throat. Ethlando and Takari try to talk to him about releasing Sildar with hopes of paying them more than their masters, but they are not interested because whomever they are working for is paying them with magicks. They end up shoving him off a raised platform [8 feet] and he seems as though he is no longer moving and may be dead. We engage the goblins and Takari and Ethlando move into check on Sildar, who does indeed appears to be dead from first glance. Gom engages the goblins by basically walking up the wall, by what seems like magical shoes. The group lead by an attack by Clink dispatches most of the Goblins with help from a cloud of daggers summoned by Ethlando. One tries to escape by doing a marvelous back flip from the platform. But is struck down by Gom. Takari checks on Sildar and hears a sign of life. Ellander helps revive Sildar and both Ellander and Ethlando get him up to move him out of the cavern. Gom alerts the group that the loud noise we heard was the cavern flooding mostly likely due to the dams seen earlier were breaking. So the group returns back to the dams to find a goblin trying to destroy them to flood the cavern. The goblin is attacked and ultimately killed by a Firebolt thanks to Maev.

Sildar asks to have help donning his armor and Ellander returns his sword which he had retrieved from Cragmaw Castle. Briefly talk with Sildar about Grunden’s wear abouts. Find out had found the location of Wave Echo Cave with Grunden, but were captured by King Kroll and his minions which we had killed in early encounter, but he currently has no knowledge of Grunden’s wearabouts. End up loading up the cart and returning to Phandelver with Sildar around mid-afternoon. Upon arrival many of the townfolks question Sildar about the wear abouts of Grunden and he tells them a much more exaggerated tale about what had happened then he originally told our group. He then heads to the Inn and passes out in his armor from exhaustion.

[Insert drinking game rules here]

Ethlando buys a round of drinks of choice for the group and tries to find out more about his companions for his tale of their journeys. Takari divulges no new information, only that she has parchment and likes to write. Ellander only says he is from Waterdeep, to which Ethlando seems to react negatively. While asking questions to his companions with Clink buying cheap dwarven ale [smelt of hairspray] for the second and third round of drinks for everyone he and Maev ends pass out. Takari giggles to herself [She realizes the ale was brewed with a healing herb used to induce sleep in dwarfs]. Ethlando is able to ask Gom about his background and he is the only one that divulges any real information saying he is from the Dales/Neverwinter and that Grunden was helping him find someone. Ethlando thanks him for the information and calls out the group on their lack of participation. At this point Ellander and Takari head up to theirs rooms for the night. Ethlando goes to speak with Sister Gareale, and Gom stays behind and continues drinking [thanks to Maev and Clink, from whom he took 10 gold from each, using it to buying himself and others drinks]. When Ethlando returns to the Inn he sits down and plays his lute for the patrons. No one seems to take notice except for one man [Steve Buscemi] who has had a bit too much to drink is overly excited about his performance and slips him 3 gold and directions to his place. After which Ethlando also retires for the night.

In the morning Clink has a suspicion that some of his gold may be missing but wasn’t sure if maybe he had purchased more drinks that he thought since blacked out so shrugs it off. Takari takes some time to look closer at the necklace she had discovered in the runes of Thundertree but did not discover much, blaming her lack of concentration on the ale from the previous night. Shortly after Ethlando knocks on her door to see if she can examine his golden orbs. She has no information really other than they may not be real gold, and are part of a jade frog. She not so sutilly asks him to leave. As everyone heads downstairs Sildar has a banquet before him and is eating like mad because he had not had food for days. He eats using his ax like a knife both for cutting and spreading. Ethlando asks for some bread and reaches for it. Sildar strikes down on the bread cutting off a piece and almost catching Ethlando’s fingers with it, but he gives up the bread and Ethlando stores it in his pack. The group asks Sildar some questions. Talks about the Green Brazer that is enchanted and a elemental war where the wave echo cave was used to magically enchant things. Cave has been lost for a 1000 years after the war between humans and giants. Sildar speaks of going to Neverwinter to ask for reinforcements from the Griffin Guard, a elite military group from war time that rode griffins, but are mostly more ceremonial now that the war is over. Sildar at one time was a captain in the guard and feels his name carries some weight, when asked whether or not he thought he could enlist their help. Ellander seems to know of the guard and Sildar gives him note that he says can be used if we find ourselves in trouble. Ellander hands him back a sealed envelope which he asks to give to the post when arriving in Neverwinter. The groups ask Sildar if he’ll occupany them to the Wave Echo cave but he says he is really of no help. Also inquire what theBlack Spider. Doesn’t know too much but did hear that he hired the goblins and the bug bear, Kroll to slow down any group searching the Wave Echo cave. Also have him confirm that the map we had found that leads to the location of the wave echo cave is true. Find out that the entrance of the cave can only be seen at dusk and decide to travel to the cave without Sildar.

Load up in the cart and start our journey with Clink dangling his feet off the back of the cart. Stop and make camp on the recommendation’s of Takari and Ellander some distance away from the cave because we needed a chance to rest and we wouldn’t make it to the cave before dusk. Stop in the woods to try to cover any signs of smoke from our fire. Takari suggested that Ethlando do a perimeter check due to his lightest of foot and ability to blend it with the wood. Ethlando finds some tracks but after discussing what was seen with Gom and Ellander they were not of much concern. Decided amongst the group to take two to a watch. Ethlando and Clink, Maev and Takari, and finally Gom and Ellander. Nothing eventful happens through the night so decide to move slowly to the mountain to be safe because of the tracks and locate the Wave Echo cave. Reach the cave close to dusk, once again Ethlando does a quick check of the surrounding area to ensure we are not being tracked. At dusk the mouth of the cave is revealed to us and dwarves noticed especially Maev noticed that it was dwarven carved structure and that the opening once had elaborate doors.

The entire party move into the cave with the wagon, leaving the wagon just within the cave entrance so as to not alert others to our presence. Just inside there is a ten foot pit that looks like it at one time had a pulley driven lift to get goods in and out, but is now in a state of disrepair and unusable. Clink suggests that Gom and Ethlando scout ahead because they make a lot less noise than the rest of the group, a suggestion far out of character for Clink [Trying to impress the lady-dwarf, perhaps?]. Gom basically walks down into the pit with Ethlando trying to follow suit but ends up sliding his face down the wall after slipping. Ethlando checks one tunnel seeing that there is not much but collapsed caverns while Gom walks across the ceiling through the other tunnel and Ethlando walks along the floor. Gom ends up finding a group of flying creatures hanging from the ceiling a bit further in [mosquito cats or mosquitos the size of cats]. Maev shouts into the tunnel inquiring of the progress, luckily not awakening the creatures. So as not to have any more shouting from Maev, Ethlando and Gom move back out of the tunnel to discuss with the party what to do about the flying creatures. After discussing the issue, Ethlando and Gom moved back into the tunnel and Ethlano pulls out his lute and summons a cloud of daggers simply and fairly quietly shredding the creatures. Ethlando and Gom at this point decide to venture forth and check out other areas of the tunnel. Ethlando sneaks into a room and finds a pair of pristine shoes on a skeleton, even though everything else in the room is in runes. He decides to put them in his pack to inquire about them later. Moves back to find Gom and Clink had also entered the area. Find out from Gom that the room he was going to search had some ghouls feasting upon something just out of view. Clink wants to charge into the room and take on the ghouls, but Ethlando talks him down and suggests that he has a plan and just needs to share it with the rest of the party. Ethlando travels back to the party and suggests creating a illusion to draw the ghouls out but Ellander wants him to save his magical focus and use Clink as bait. End up surrounding the room, Takari and Ethlando on either side of the door, Gom standing on the ceiling above the door, Clink in front of the door by some distance with Maev and Ellander entering the room from another door and coming at the ghouls from behind. Clink throws a rock at the door luring the ghouls out, Takari signals to Maev and Ellander to come in from behind. The ghouls come out and ambushed by the party. While the ghouls are fairly quickly dispatched during the battle Maev attempted to try her hand at some magic and the spell with horribly wrong. The party left the room to not be caught in the wake of her misspell. A fury of quick magical happenings occurred: she shrank 3 inches, Gom was poisoned, a mirror image of herself appeared, she started teleporting, a group of flumphs appeared, a unicorn appeared and started spearing the flumps, she lost her hair, and shrank another 3 inches [and Clink grew “6 inches”]. Maev was distraught hopped on the unicorn and went barreling into a labyrinth of hallways. She ends up discovering some unpleasant ooze and teleport rides the unicorn back to the party to tell of the ooze. Just as she reaches the party the unicorn disappears and she falls injuring herself.

Clink and Gom move off on their own to explore other rooms. Clink sneaks into a room to find it full of skeletons who rise up from the ground. Meanwhile, Ethlando had stopped to ask Takari about the shoes he found, finding that she only can say they hold some magical properties. The party is alerted to a disturbance, Ethlando moves in assuming from Gom and Clink’s position that the room they are outside of holds the disturbance, pulls out his lute and once again summons daggers to fill the room. His daggers quickly help Clink and Gom utterly splinter the skeletons.

Meanwhile, Maev gets attacked by the ooze that had followed her through the labyrinth. Through many attempts to slash the ooze, the ooze kept splitting into smaller pieces so the party started using piercing attacks to finally dispatch the ooze. After dealing with the ooze moved further into the cave to find a room with a strange fungus growing all over the ground. Gom is able to walk across the ceiling to bypass the fungus. Clink decides to brave the fungus and as he is walking through a cloud of poisonous gas rises from the cave floor inflicting some pain, but was able to make it through. Maev suggests burning the fungus and uses a firebolt to destroy the fungus so the rest of the party can move through unharmed. Just through the fungus cavern the party came upon a new part of cave that seemed like it was built for a creature with larger stature [humans]. Inside is a small looking room with a closed door. Clink decides to investigate the room slowly peeking in and saw only a small footlocker. He entered the room and opened up a footlocker to find a silver whale pipe. Once he had it in his hands a ghostly figure rose up in front of him. At first Clink was apologetic and was trying not to enrage the figure, but the figure gave him an ultimatum of Clink’s battle axe for his life. Clink answered with his battle axe to the ghostly figures face! After landing some hits on the figure it disappears into the cave wall. The party tries to determine the significance of the pipe. Takari takes a closer look at the pipe only to find that it has an intricate, veiny, whale penis. The figure appears again and Takari asks what it wants from the party. It only replies that it wants their souls. During the battle Ethlando had once again cast his cloud of daggers inside the room, and after getting the figure back into the room, Maev is able to light the daggers a blaze, destroying the figure once and for all. Went into the room to see if there was anything else in the room. There was a closet with some books. Maev and Takari investigated the closet and found nothing of interest. Ethlando’s interest is also peaked so takes a look finding a book on Orc Mating Rituals and a map with a note on it. At this point the party was quite beat up and decided to take a short rest.

Until next time on D&D: Home Edition!



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